Ending of summer, beginning of fall


Webinar 1   2016-09-28


To join the community for the first time. This was an intense first webinar with a lot of different chats simultaneously going on and be sitting being partly frustrated because of sound cuts and also not being able to get the headset to cooperate with me. Today’s first lesson is if you would like to participate an online course be sure to get your technical devices going before you start. This will facilitate your motivation and level of activity in the course. This first blog is mostly experimental to be able to visualize how the layout of my word press blog actually looks when posting a blog. Getting to play with the settings and tools available and summarizing some of the take home messages of the first webinar. My take home message was mainly:

  1. Get involved straight away in the small PBL groups, so I instantly went in there and posted a presentation of my self for the group to read .
  2. Started a wordpress blogg, just deciding on a design was challenging but I will adjust this later.
  3. Note to self to start-up a twitter account if I want to join the tweet chats, that is on my to do list for today.
  4. I arranged all my important websites on my computer bookmarks for easy asses throughout the course. The main community ONL162, My University Google+ account, my PBL group (4), word press and upcoming twitter.
  5. I listened to 2 different video blogs by Alastair Creelman regarding participating in a Hangout.


I think that is enough for today, over and out / PM